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Conservation Lakefield is a non-profit organization whose mission is to preserve, protect and conserve in perpetuity the natural environments, ecosystems and landscapes of great ecological value in Gore, Mille-Îles and Wentworth.

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Conservation Lakefield is made up of volunteers from the municipalities of Gore, Mille-Îles and Wentworth. Our main activities are:

  • Conservation of natural environments in Gore, Mille-Îles and Wentworth
  • Fundraising for land conservation
  • Connecting with conservation groups, government agencies, municipalities and the owners of properties with ecological value
  • Organization of activities for the discovery of nature
  • Making our organization known to the citizens of the region.

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Board of Directors

Patrick Demars


Louise Caouette-Laberge


René Parent


Michelle Durand


Pier Blais

Member at large

Catriona McDonald

Member at large

Catherine Coutu

Member at large

Jean-Pierre Pilon

Resource person

Mathieu Madison

Resource person

Jean-Martin Laberge

Resource person


Conservation Lakefield was created in 2016 by a group of citizens from the Township of Gore, who were concerned with preserving in perpetuity the magnificent natural environments and ecosystems of the region. The group established Conservation Lakefield as a non-profit organization (NPO) and obtained charitable status from the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA). Support from the municipality of Gore, the MRC d’Argenteuil, Conservation Manitou and the Nature Conservancy of Canada (CNC) was invaluable. Conservation Lakefield can issue tax receipts for donations, under registered charity number 77786-7292-RR0001.

Did you know? Lakefield is an historic name for this part of the Lower Laurentians and also the name of a specific type of soil that is dominant in Gore, Mille-Îles and Wentworth.

Partnerships and Associations

Conservation Lakefield is an independent organization, run entirely by volunteers. We maintain strong and supportive relationships with other groups, including the Domaine Lakefield Homeowners Association (Société des propriétaires du Domaine Lakefield, SPDL), the Municipality of Gore, the MRC d’Argenteuil, Manitou Conservation and the Nature Conservancy of Canada (CNC).

In the event of the dissolution of Conservation Lakefield, the property and funds of the organization will devolve to the Nature Conservancy of Canada or, if NCC no longer exists or if its mission has changed, to another organization carrying on a similar activity or, in the case of ecological gifts, to one or more organizations eligible for the Ecological Gift Program.


Conservation Lakefield is focused on ecologically valuable areas in the MRC (county) of Argenteuil, particularly in Gore, Mille-Îles and Wentworth. The region has many forests, lakes, wetlands and bogs and is rich in biodiversity. This increasingly rare ecosystem provides a myriad of benefits. The trees and vegetation purify the air, the wetlands filter water, and many pollinating insects contribute to the development of plants, fruits and grains essential to wildlife and human survival. The undeniable economic, environmental and social value of the region’s valuable natural environments justifies efforts to preserve them. Conservation Lakefield favours the protection of natural environments with high ecological value, including those that are home to species at risk or that are part of ecological corridors connecting several natural environments.

In its 2016 report, Strategy for the conservation of natural environments in Argenteuil (in French), the MRC of Argenteuil identified five key issues, including the preservation and enhancement of conservation areas. One goal was the creation of a conservation organization for the region, and thus Conservation Lakefield fills a very real need in the region.

Map of the region

To better understand the area of activity covered by Conservation Lakefield, this interactive map shows wetlands in southern Quebec. Use the map to locate the Gore, Mille-Îles and Wentworth regions or expand to view a larger region. Enter an address in the “search” box to find the various wetlands that surround a specific property. Consult the legend of the wetlands by clicking on the arrows at the top left.

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