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Conservation Lakefield is interested in the natural environments of the Argenteuil RCM and in particular those of the Gore region. The region is full of forests, lakes, swamps and peatlands that support a rich biodiversity. The ecological processes that take place there provide us with what are called ecological services. For example, vegetation heals the air, wetlands filter the water, pollinating insects contribute to the development of fruits and grains essential to wildlife and our survival, decomposers dispose of organic waste, etc. These services have undeniable economic, environmental and social value, and justify the importance of preserving natural environments.
In its report (2016) on the conservation of the natural environments of Argenteuil, the RCM of Argenteuil identified five issues including the preservation and development of conservation nuclei. To do this, we recommend the creation of a conservation organization working in the territory of Argenteuil. The existence of Conservation Lakefield therefore fills a very real need in the region.


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We offer an interactive map of the wetlands of southern Quebec to better understand our territory of activity.

You can locate the Gore area or expand to view a larger area.

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Our priorities

Lakefield Conservation promotes the protection of natural environments that have high ecological value. For example, the Board of Directors and a conservation expert identified and prioritized certain criteria to assess the appropriateness of conservation of a property. The following criteria were assessed in order of priority:

  • Location: land located at or on the edge of Gore;
  • Habitat for threatened or vulnerable species;
  • Ecological goods and services: a natural environment that filters water and protects against flooding in a watershed of interest;
  • Forest and forest ecosystem: property with rare forest - or old forest - or both - or forest with an evolutionary stage of ecological interest;
  • Continuity: land for establishing connectivity of protected natural environments in the form of ecological corridors;
  • Landscapes and aesthetics: environments with interesting landscapes to preserve - terrain with atmosphere to preserve;
  • Development: opportunity to interpret nature, observe wildlife, etc.;
  • Recreational potential: hiking (summer or winter), access to the natural environment for the public;
  • Habitat for wildlife: deer, bear, moose, wolf, etc.
Preserve, protect and conserve for life natural environments

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Conservation Lakefield, 34, Tour du Lac, Gore, Qc., J0V 1K0
We are registered as a federal charity and can therefore provide tax credits.
Registered number is 77786-7292-RR0001
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