milieux humides1In Quebec, wetlands cover more or less 17 million hectares or 170,000 square kilometres, or about 10% of Quebec’s total territory. Whether we are talking about ponds, marshes, swamps or bogs, wetlands represent the essential links in the fabric of the natural environment in Quebec. These ecosystems constitute all water-saturated or flooded sites for a period of time long enough to influence the nature of the soil or vegetation composition.

It is recognized worldwide today that wetlands, perceived as unusable lands in the past, play a crucial role in sustaining life on land in the same way as agricultural land and forests. The ecological goods and services they provide to society are undeniably a driver for the local, regional, national and global economy. It is therefore essential to preserve these environments, especially in regions where urban development has contributed to their degradation or disappearance.

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 milieux humides2

Preserve, protect and conserve for life natural environments

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