Preserving nature around us – It’s now or never!

Conservation Lakefield is pleased to announce that in July 2022, our organization has signed a purchase offer to acquire two areas of great ecological value in Domaine Lakefield. This acquisition will protect 117 hectares in perpetuity and preserve a mosaic of habitats, including old forest and wetlands.

Conservation Lakefield was successful in securing government grants through the programs of the PPMN (Partnership Project for Natural Environments) and the NHCP-FPOC (Natural Heritage Conservation Program – Fund for Conservation Organizations). We also obtained funding from the Echo Foundation. It’s a great start!

Conservation Lakefield must also collect private donations to qualify for grants like these and to reach the amount needed to complete the land purchase. Good news, private donations have already been received, thanks to the generosity of some twenty owners of the Domaine. However, the amounts received so far are not sufficient to complete the purchase of the targeted lands. The organization is fundraising with all the owners in the Domaine. We are counting on YOU to make this purchase a reality and to help save other undeveloped areas of the Domaine.

Fundraising campaign

On Sunday August 21, 2022, Conservation Lakefield launched a fundraising campaign for the Domaine Lakefield Land Acquisition Project. More than 40 owners attended in person or via Zoom. 

 –  View the complete presentation on YouTube

 –  View the presentation as a pdf (25 pages) :  Domaine Lakefield_conservation project_2022

Your questions and comments about this campaign are welcome. Please reach Conservation Lakefield at


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We are grateful to the growing list of donors.

$10,000 and more: 

Manon Beaulieu and Éric Drouin
Anne-Marie Boisvert and Benoit Robert
Christine Gosselin and Hugh Clarke
Renée Charron and Guy Corcoran
Catherine Coutu and Mathieu Barbeau
Sylvie and Patrick Demars
Michelle Durand and Claude Rivard
Cheryl Hayes and Hugh Mitchell
Christine Locas and Martin Chagnon
Patti Munce and Shannon Deegan
Catherine Peeters and Dominik Jacques
Louise and Jean-Martin Laberge
The Laberge Family
Mathieu Madison
Morag Park and Alain Nepveu
Diane Tassé and Olivier Fraticelli
G.S.L.L. Inc.

Anonymous donations (1)

$5,000 – 9,999

Émilie Lavigne et Benoit Aubin
Maude Choquette et Martin Bourget
Marthe Durand
Christiane Héon et Réjean Prud’homme
Catriona MacDonald et Don Van Meyel
Michel Roy
Chantal Tétrault et Michel Racicot
Mary Margaret Tjosvold
Philippe Trudel
Ruth Williamson et Salah Mansour
Anonymous donations (1)

$2,000 – $4 999

Claude Beausoleil
Josée Bergeron et Richard Daneau
Marie-Pierre Chartrand et Pascal Royer
Yvanne Chenel et Sylvain Fournier
Manon Choinière et Philippe Gravel
Pascale Descary
Josée de Sève et Yves Boisvert
Yves Berthiaume
Amélie Van de Wynckele et Dimitri Bossut
Marie-Claude Durand et Richard Quesnel
Blandine Piquet-Gauthier et François Fassier
Michel Hébert
Andrée Labelle Geleyn et Pierre Geleyn
Carole Lafrance
Judith Gibb et George Lowenfeld
Sylvie Duceppe et Marc Perreault
Claudine Piché et Jean-François Proulx
Pauline et Gerry Phelps
Nathalie Poudrette et Antoine Lamarche
Andrew Plank
Renée Nadeau et Gilles Théoret
Edita Stepita-Poenaru et Dan Poenaru
Chantale Richard et André Pelletier
Marie-Alice Urvoy et Jeff Schectman

Anonymous donations (2)

$1,000 – $1,999

Suzanne Gratton et Gavin MacLeod
Michelle Laverdière et Denis Roberge
Isabelle Madore et Alexandre Morin
Jocelyne Vo et Philippe Nguyen
Chris Poenaru
Diane Robillard et René Parent
Jean Servant
Catherine-Julie Vézina et Greg Malakhanian
Anonymous donation (1)

$500 – 999

Céline Desbiens
Rachel Spino
Anonymous donation (1)

Other gifts

Nancy Gonzalez et Ian Dion
Maryse Bernard
Denis Faubert
Anonymous donation (1)

Corporate donation (Employer matching gift program)


Promised gifts

2023 and 2024: $111,000

About the Partenariat pour les milieux naturels project (PPMN)

The Partenariat pour les milieux naturels project (PPMN) is a co-funding agreement established between the Ministere de l’Environnement et de la Lutte contre les changements climatiques (MELCC) and the Nature Conservancy of Canada’s Quebec Region from 2020 to 2023. The PPMN aims to develop the network of protected areas located on private land through protection and knowledge acquisition activities, the establishment of nature reserves and the enhancement of natural environments.

About the Natural Heritage Conservation Program

The Natural Heritage Conservation Program (NHCP) is a public-private partnership designed to advance privately protected areas in some of the country’s most cherished landscapes. Launched with a $100 million investment from the Government of Canada the program is administered by the Nature Conservancy of Canada (NCC), with contributions from partners like Ducks Unlimited Canada and the country’s land trusts. Wildlife Habitat Canada administers the land trust portion of the program, the Land Trust Conservation Program. NCC will work with the program partners to identify land for conservation and raise the funds to match the government’s investment 2:1. 

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